At REKUA, our mission is to celebrate modern women who are not bound by the rules while adding the essence of uncompromising coolness to each garment. We said goodbye to seasons by creating timeless designs which can be worn any season. As a luxury fashion brand, our goal is to produce long-lasting, high-quality pieces and to have a minimal impact on the planet during the production process.


Whether you're looking for the perfect basic white T-Shirt, sexy silk dress or even a timeless coat that fits just perfectly, we’ve got you covered.

We apply a made-to-order model to all our products to eliminate any waste or avoid filling warehouses with unsold clothes meaning that the production process starts only after a garment has been ordered by a customer. Moreover, products can be customized to customers' specifications or personal body measurements. With this sustainable approach, we strive to reduce garment waste and avoid overproduction. It enables us to create unique pieces, remain brand exclusivity and build deep relationships with customers. 



The founder of the brand is Anna Rekua, a stylist and photographer who has been working in the Czech fashion industry for several years.


Anna implements her love of fashion, photography and rock ’n' roll into her designs, so that those who wear them feel comfortable and chic, mainly thanks to carefully selected materials from local sources. In addition, the designer cares about sustainability, so one of the essential segments of her work is up-cycling or the re-design of vintage treasures


" we are all style heroines "